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V-Tech UK’s 10th Anniversary Next Month



Celebrate 10 Years In The Industry With Us

Next month, more specifically November 2nd, V-Tech UK will be celebrating 10 years in the industry. V-Tech are looking to celebrate big as not every company can say they have 10 years experience. V-Tech UK have grown year after year, keeping the competition at bay with quality products and excellent service & support. To further ourselves as leaders within the industry, V-Tech UK have created a new service devision to entirely handle customer service as a thank you to our customers. Since 2002, when the company was formed, the prime focus was customer service and support, it was not long before V-Tech UK were awarded an ITM award for exactly this in 2004. Please take a look at the our timeline image below to see just how far the company have come and what exactly V-Tech have achieved. From V-Tech UK’s creation to the success V-Tech is today. V-Tech has expanded and branched out, with the creation of the successful V-Tech garage equipment and the many new distributors who have joined us along the way. All distributors will be receiving information on how V-Tech have progressed over the years and what exactly V-Tech plans for the future in it’s continued success.

That’s not all!, we would like everyone to celebrate with us, so we are giving away a brand new 2 post lift…every month for next 3 months! Like us Facebook to find out more details about this fantastic one time offer.

Look out for our 10th anniversary sign – in magazines, websites and more. Where ever you see the sign there maybe another amazing giveaway.  Come celebrate with V-Tech UK this November and Like us on Facebook to show your support.


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