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August 2011


New VOSA Requirements

This Month we will be sending out a mailshot to all the garages within the M25 area. If you are lucky enough to live within this area you will be entitled to fantastic discounts on our ATL & MOT bays. Being close to us works out great for you, if you live thin this area and do not receive our

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Starting your own garage – Purchasing Garage equipment

Starting your own garage or buying equipment for your existing garage can be a daunting task. However considering just a few things before setting out shopping for your garage tools can be a massive time saver and money saver. Often people make the mistake of searching for garage equipment in the cheapest places available like Ebay or searching for used

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Kiss Insights, have your say!

Recently we have installed a survey on our Garage Equipment website. There are 3 surveys available to complete by choice on several popular pages of the site. With these new Kiss insights survey we can establish what you the reader are looking for, how we can improve our website? and more. We a re constantly looking for ways to make

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