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March 2013


Commercial Garage Equipment Additions

Various new commercial garage equipments have been added to the website including commercial brake testers. We have also added; Suspension Tester  The suspension tester provides a good indication of the condition of the shock absorbers and suspension in general. Comes also with built in weighing system.   Side Slip Tester This is a useful part of a test lane. The sideslip tester

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End of First Quarter – But V-Tech don’t do things by halves!

The first quarter is over and V-Tech have had a fantastic start. Highlights include achieving over 100 likes on their V-Tech Garage Equipment Facebook page, over 160 followers on Twitter, the release of the brand new Hanatech diagnostic tools, which have proved to be very successful. V-Tech have also been selling lifts to various high profile customers including TV studios

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You Could Save £850 off The Hanatech Range

V-Tech UK now have the Latest Hanatech Products in stock and we thought we should let you know. These latest scan tools have been much awaited and you wouldn’t have to look far to find the great reviews and response these tools are receiving. Currently V-Tech UK are offering up to £850 off the new Hanatech Range when you trade

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How to interact with V-Tech

V-Tech’s online precense is growing rapidly and increasing the ways people can find us and interact with us. At this point V-Tech UK can be found across the web via blogs, websites, Social Networking sites including Facebook and Twitter, we even have our own Youtube Channel. We have explored the various ways in which people like to contact us and

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Value GE MOT Bay Available

Value GE now have MOT bays for class 4 & 7 in stock. Currently the complete MOT bay is only £19,995 plus vat. This stylish yet affordable equipment is the complete packages workshops have been waiting for from Value GE. Whilst the value range has been a huge success, they were only offering garage lifts and a recently launched diagnostic

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