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January 2012


Recent Garage Equipment Full Installations

Equipment Installations Photos To see more of V-Tech Garage Equipment Installations please visit our main website here. V-Tech UK really do take care of the whole process, from planning to completion and there after. If your interested in our M.O.T equipment please call us 0208 498 1288. If you enjoyed looking at these photos please like them on Facebook where

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CMT Update V3

All CMT update discs have now been sent in the post, please be sure to read the instructions with your disc. Once you receive your disc firstly you must go the the V-Tech UK website, click on support then click under Opus & Autocom support. Here you will find a link to product activation form. Simply complete this form which

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Latest Hanatech Hostpro Download Now Available! V1.74

Hanatech have now released the latest version of Hostpro, V1.74 which can be downloaded right here. Host Pro software-V1.74 (22MB) Version 1.74 (2012.01.06) Update History 1. langauge is modified. 2. User interface is improved. Version 1.73 (2011.09.07) Update Information 1. Bus is fixed. Version 1.72 (2011.04.19) Update Information 1. Notification function is added. – When you start updater in the HostPro, notification

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New Year, Good Start!

Happy New year, V-Tech UK is back to normal service and hitting the ground running. This year V-Tech UK will be launching a new diagnostics website with far greater capabilities. This year you will be able to update your unit online, register your units and purchase some diagnostic equipment / accessories. There will be plenty of other new features to

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