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V-Tech UK are one of the leading suppliers of diagnostic equipment, over the last 10 years V-Tech have supplied to thousands of garages across the UK with the latest equipment from top European brands such as OPUS and Hanatech. A wide range of diagnostic tools are available to purchase and with an in house support team, V-Tech UK have become a popular choice for garages. Some of the best tools include the Multiscan, leak detector, CMT / CDP unit and the Winstar Plus by ICM. Each of these tools have a purpose within the garage, and could potentially bring more custom. The Winstar Plus for example is able to diagnose the latest BMW and Mercedes vehicle models for less than £600, offering great value, a must for any garage

V-Tech UK have grown a strong reputation within the industry, having achieved prestigious awards such as being part of the IMI awards and QAA programmes. V-Tech UK differ from their competitors due to their focus on customers, with technical support on products sold and vast customer focus features available like purchasing updates quickly and securely online. This leading supplier regularly have offers on their equipment, sometimes offering excellent package deals and up to 60% savings. There is no better place to go to other than the official UK supplier for many of the tools on offer. They also offer very Competitive Finance Packages for all their equipment, including Interest Free Finance options too.

All products supplied are available to view on the website, from handheld diagnostics to PC based diagnostic tools. The popular Multiscan with super fast communication speed and extensive coverage list is a good choice amongst workshops, alternatively there is the Ultrascan with similar features but includes the 4 channel oscilloscope and additional hardware features. Another tool is the CDP or CMT unit available for both cars and trucks. These tools are used by many satisfied customers like workshop technicians, vehicle fleet owners, vehicle inspection companies, roadside assistance organisations, police, military and schools.

V-Tech UK provide the best tools for the right job. For garages that deal with a lot of a particular type of vehicle, for example VW, Audi etc, V-Tech offer the Vag-Com. This tool is fully compatible with all VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda models through to the current model year, including models using a direct CAN connection for diagnostics, and with a database of more than 14000 fault-codes and measuring-block texts it has become another popular choice.

One of the most effective, simple to use diagnostic tools is the Decarbon Leak Detector by Hanatech. It is designed to be used to verify diagnosis in both push and pull situations when testing for drive-ability or emission related problems. This tool represents fantastic value for money and will give you cost and labour time savings for years to come.

For the very best diagnostic tools from a reputable supplier at great prices, visit V-Tech UK at