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V-Tech UK launch the UK first years warranty on all MOT BAYS!


Big news this month. We are very pleased to announce that we now offer a full five-year warranty on all complete V-Tech MoT bay setups.

This includes our Class 4 Standard (3.5T four-post lift) and Class 7 Standard (4T four-post lift) MoT Bay setups – our renowned all-in-one solutions.

We partner with the best suppliers in Europe to ensure not only are our MoT Bay setups of the highest quality possible but after-sales support and any maintenance needs are efficiently met. What’s more, all MoT ramps are in stock at our warehouse – meaning they can be delivered and installed in double quick time. We’re extremely confident of the quality of our Bay setups which is why we’re backing them with a five-year warranty.

Buy right, buy once. Buy cheap… well, we’ll let you fill that one in.

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