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MOT Bays despite having many requirements and specifications are unique to every garage. A bespoke solution is needed for every workshop, specific to floor and building space etc. All VOSA required dimensional specifications can be found on their website , however most garages tend to work with a supplier such a V-Tech. They cover everything from planning applications to complete VOSA drawings.

There are two types of installation; there are recessed and surface mounted. For a more compact solution the recessed option is best and often selected by smaller garages. A surface lift enables an increase in the number of test that can be conducted on a single lane. On V-Tech’s website garage- you can see recent installations and layout plans to show a basic understanding for each type of lift installation. Professional drawings are supplied with every bay package to support your VOSA application.

V-Tech’s in house team of CAD designers provide fast, professional drawings at hand to assist every garages goal. In the past garages were left to their own devices and were responsible to prepare their on groundworks, however today all that has changed and this service comes as standard, V-Tech offers turnkey project planning.