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V-Tech Combi Analyser For Emissions Testing


V-Tech Emissions Analysers

V-Tech’s emission analysers are ready to use straight away and start testing vehicles. The benefits of choosing V-Tech for your combi are clear, with 5 years warranty, easy to use software and over £1000 cheaper than our competitors.

The V-Tech combi can perform a diesel test in 3 minutes. If your interested in this fantastic offer you can call now for a demo with no obligation. Our emissions tester is designed to work perfectly with our ATL brake tester and operate with the lowest costs in the UK.

Some extra points if you still need convincing;

  • Local Service & Calibration
  • Future Proof
  • Robust
  • Fast & efficient
  • Delivered Next Day

A reminder all our equipment is of high quality, European manufactured and comply with VOSA regulations. V-Tech ar GEA accredited and have helped hundreds of garages get the equipment they need.

Limited time only $3995

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