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The best selling scan tool has arrived

The big news has finally come, The Number 1 Asian Scan Tool, awarded ‘best selling scan tool’ in Japan for 2 years is now available to purchase from V-Tech UK. This diagnostic tool has rocked the diagnostic industry, knocking all past scan tools out the limelight, and now it is finally available at garages most popular diagnostic supplier – V-Tech UK.

The latest diagnostic tool on the market has original OEM software for Hyundai and Kia motors. The G-scan proves to have competitive coverage for German cars and OEM performance for Malaysian local brands “Proton” and “Perodua”, Australian brands “Ford” and “Holden” and its coverage is consistently expanding regularly.

The G-scan had a successful debut in Japan being named ‘Best selling scan tool’ within the first year of it arrival and now it has arrived in the UK and taking the industry by storm. To celebrate to launch of this fantastic new tool V-Tech UK are offering 2 years free software updates and 3 years warranty with every unit sold. We are so confident in this new scan tool and what it could do for your garage we are even offering a trade-in offer price.

Swap old for new!

You can get up to £800 off the RRP of the brand new G-Scan diagnostic tool when you trade in you old; Multiscan, Ultrascan or carman scan.

To find out more about the best selling scan tool and its features and extensive coverage list please visit our Diagnostic website at;

You won’t be let down by this scan tool !