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Kiss Insights, have your say!

Recently we have installed a survey on our Garage Equipment website. There are 3 surveys available to complete by choice on several popular pages of the site. With these new Kiss insights survey we can establish what you the reader are looking for, how we can improve our website? and more. We a re constantly looking for ways to make the experience of visiting our site a lot easier.

We understand it a big deal when shopping for garage equipment, do you buy new? used? what manufacturers? size and spec?

We have considered all these factors when searching for your desired mot equipment, that’s why we have incorporated some changes into our website, from adding search functionality, easy click product graphics, quick call back request forms and more. However if you feel we a re missing something that would make your experience a lot easier please do tell us by completing the survey or contacting us through any of other online mediums. We can be found on most social bookmarking sites, here of course or contact us directly from our website contact page.