V-Tech diagnostic equipment are consistently trying to make purchasing products easier and less hassle. That’s why earlier in the year V-Tech UK launched the V-Shop – an online shop located the website (www.diagnostic-equipment.co.uk) where massive savings could be made by purchasing your favourite products online. This hassle free approach has proved very popular amongst customers, just pick your product, purchase and wait for delivery – simple!

In a bid to grow our Vshop product base we have made more and more products available to buy from the Vshop and will continue to do so due to it’s popularity. Recently V-Tech UK have added a calibration renewal contract to purchase online. By buying online the customers saves over £18 – A £10 discount for buying online and saving over £8 in card surcharges.

The calibration renewal contract is for existing customers who have purchased an emission analyser from V-Tech UK. You can only purchase this product if you already have a combi emissions analyser with V-Tech UK. This fantastic priced calibrations renewal is the perfect option for existing customers who wish to renew their excellent service with V-Tech UK – the price also includes 2 site visits per year.

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Here the link to the Combi Calibrations Renewal on our VSHOP

Buy combi calibration renewal online