V-Tech Garage Equipment provide a fantastic range of tyre equipment for any professional garage, from wheel balancers, alignment systems, tyre lifters, changers and more. Depending on your garages needs there are various models to achieve what you want from your equipment.

A popular choice amongst garages is the i4wheels computer wheel aligner, representing a new era in design and functionality. The design together with the functionality of i4wheels, one can definitely say that it has an eye for all 4 wheels.

Another popular Wheel alignment machine is the V-Tech 618i, a new generation of wheel alignment. All angles are measured by means of the 8-sensor CCD camera system with a measuring range of +/- 25 degrees – we call it 20/20 vision. No electronic turntables are needed since the caster swing is measured at 10, 14 or 20 degrees for high accuracy by use of the CCD camera.

Another range of wheel alignment includes our laser-toe. It is simple and easy to use toe-in / toe out gauge using laser technology. Suitable for all standard passenger cars. It is powered by 4 ordinary AA batteries, hence it’s very economical to use.

Furthermore V-Tech’s wheel balancers are incomparable to others. They have a selection of Balancing machines for trucks and cars, motor operated and low speed. Their Wheel Balancers come complete with pneumatic lift, max capacity 200 kg.

V-Tech also provide semiautomatic computerized wheel balancers with manual spin for car, motorcycle and van wheels. Computerised, electronic wheel balancers come with a 14″ colour monitor. The electronic measuring system and LED matrix digital display ensures easy and fast operations, including complete range of static and dynamic balancing programs.

What separates V-Tech from the competitors is the quality of their machines from top European brands. V-Tech Garage Equipment is the best place for a selection of wheel balancers and alignment machines at affordable prices.

V-Tech also recognises the growing market for cheaper equipment but still at great value. In order to serve these garages who wish save more on their equipment then they offer the brand new Value GE Range. These models can be viewed at Valuegarageequipment.com.

V-Tech GE do not just offer tyre equipment, in fact they are one of the biggest suppliers if garage equipment in the UK, V-Tech have extensive range of lifts and garage tools, MOT equipment and also the very best diagnostic equipment for any car, trucks & vans.