Dear V-Tech CMT / CDP User,

Ref: Important Technical Bulletin

As you have noticed there has been some delays in the issue of the Opus CMT/Autocom CDP updates for 2012. The primary reason for this has been the need to increase the level of security implemented on the software releases.

The 2012 updates for Release 1 and Release 2 have now been combined and now will be released on 1 DVD as opposed to 2 individual CD’s as before.

We are happy to now confirm you will be receiving your combined release DVD shortly and benefit from a huge amount of new software being released also. That means you will receive the disc with your new hardware keys if your CMT licence was valid as of 18 April 2012.

If however your license had expired before 18 April 2012 and you have not renewed it, you will not be entitled to this fantastic new software release.

However, It is still not too late!! Any expired license can now be updated at any time online at:

Currently you can Save 25% off the RRP £995 when you purchase online, making the update price only £746.25.

So it is not too late to get the latest release and see how this huge software update is set to transform your unit.

Please visit our website to see the huge amount of software updates contained within this new combined release and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Once again please accept our apologies for the delay.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further queries on 0208 498 1288 Best Regards, Sales Support Team