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Be Ready This Summer – New Air con

Brand New OPUS Air con machine with R134a Gas

Summer is here and people will be reaching for that air con function in their vehicles only to find out they need a trip to their local garage. Garages will need to be prepared for the surge of jobs requiring air conditioning work. Around 90% of vehicles today are equipped with air conditioning, so it’s vital to have the correct tools and know how, or risk losing out on this type of work. It is also vital you stay up to date with current laws and qualifications needed which meets F-gas regulation.

Every garage needs the correct equipment, so if your looking for a new air con to replace your old one or simply to start bringing a new source of income, V-Tech have a great selection of a/c machines suitable for any garage. Introducing the new Air Cool from OPUS now available at V-Tech Garage Equipment. This brand new unit uses the common R134A gas.

This high end unit incorporates the essence of the know how accumulated by our experienced technicians. The OPUS Air cool performs professional A/C service work fully automatically, with minimum operator effort and extremely short throughput times, can you afford to not have the best air con on the market this summer?

The OPUS Air Cool can do the following processes, fully automatically;

  • Refrigerant recovery and recycling
  • Residual pressure measurement
  • Used oil drainage
  • Evacuation
  • Leak Check
  • Injection of fresh oil and UV additive
  • Refrigerant charging with service hose
  • Charging amount compensation

Besides the Opus Air Cool, V-Tech have a great range of air con machines ranging from semi- automatic to fully professional automatic a/c machines. The Bigas by Spin is a popular option for garages due to it being able to operate both the existing gas and the new gas, which is very useful as every new homologated car from the beginning of 2011 will be using the new HFO1234yf gas. Theres also the two models of the V-Climate air con available offering basic to fully professional functions and processes.

It’s important to plan ahead and recognise certain trends throughout the year in your target market. This summer it would be a good idea to purchase the right air con machine for the job. I would suggest a good place to look is V-Tech Garage Equipment.

See the OPUS air con here

new air on machine from OPUS with new R134a gas

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