There are many MoT Testing Stations still operating with Bradbury 735-799-800-Laycock High Speed/Tecalemit ramps that cannot be upgraded to ATL/OPT status, due to their limited physical size and that of the recess they are installed in. Many of these sites are trading under the safety net of “Grandfather Rights”. Therefore, those wishing to upgrade and incorporate Play Detectors, enabling them to perform OPT (One Man Testing) must replace their existing ramp with one that fits directly into the existing recess, which, in most cases is around 130mm in depth, indeed quite shallow.

However, the majority of current ATL/OPT ramps require a minimum recess depth of 165mm, in some cases more and excavation is not an acceptable option I would, therefore, like to remind you that V-TechUK do have one of the few ramps that will meet all the dimensions and specification required to upgrade these customers to OPT, with little or no disruption to their workshop and at a reasonable competitive cost.


4 Post 4T Class 4 ATL/OPT Ramp Including Play Detector & Radius Turning Plates.

Recess dimensions: 4650mm x 2910mm x 130mm

Contact V-Tech Garage Equipment on: 0800 195 12445