V-Tech UK have included the new Hanatech range of products on the website and are now available to buy online on our VShop at www.diagnostic-equipment.co.uk/vshop


Currently there is a fantastic trade in offer where previous V-Tech customers who purchased a Hanatech diagnostic system in the past can trade in for a new Hanatech tool and receive up to £1000 off. A 60% return on their original purchase. However if you wish to simply purchase  one of the new Hanatech diagnostic systems you can now buy online and receive 5% discount. This 5% reduction is available on all new Hanatech products including the; Hanascan 70, Hanascan 10, Hanascope 801.

Please Visit our Vshop store for more details of this current offer.

Our Hanatech Customers will be receiving an email and mail in the post informing them of the current offers available on the new Hanatech Diagnostic tools. So keep a close eye out for further news and discounts on our Facebook Page.