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V-Tech UK Look Forward To The Upcoming GarageExpo Show

The upcoming Garage Expo show in just over a month’s time looks set to be an impressive turnout of local and national garage suppliers such as V-Tech UK, Value Garage Equipment and more. This September at the Telford International Centre both the Professional Tow Show and GarageExpo Show will provide great opportunities for both suppliers, garage owners and individual enthusiasts alike.

Visitors to the show can expect some great deals on workshop equipment and diagnostic tools, being the first national trade show for the garage industry and such a focus on garage equipment suppliers the competition will be rife – benefiting you!

Managing Director of V-Tech UK said: “We are very much looking forward to the Garage Expo show this September, there’s a buzz in the industry that was not there before, you only have to look on social networks to see everyone starting to talk about it and with V-Tech as the shows sponsors we are set to bring the best possible deals”.

For all the latest news and information about the Garage Expo show follow V-Tech UK on Twitter or Facebook, or simply see what the social sphere are saying – search for #garageexpo.

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