Garage equipment is vastly improving and ranging in different sizes, colour and strength. The range is so vast that new garage owners and/or even existing experienced mechanics are shopping for what’s best for their garage. With so much choice in the 21st century, a lot of time is dedicated to finding and choosing the correct garage equipment here in the UK. Shopping around is always a good option before purchasing any type of equipment, however with so much choice it can be quite daunting, especially for a new comer. Shopping around can lead to save a few hundred here and there but the time spent looking is the time that could have been earning you money. There’s definitely an optimum point in spending time looking and getting on with your work. The problem does not stop at the garage neither, many MOT equipment distributors offer a wide range of equipment to their customers because they don’t want to be beaten by their competitors.

There are garage equipment manufacturers all over the world, from Italy to China, many have their preferences as to which is better, and personally so do I. It is known in the automotive industry that if you want cheap equipment you look to China for all your diagnostic and MOT equipment needs. However for strength and longer lasting equipment, look to European manufacturers. More and more manufacturers are arriving on the scene, but it’s best to stick with well known brands with a string reputation.

UK business’s should look to European manufacturers for their garage equipment needs. It should start with the UK distributors offering quality, well built equipment to garages in the UK. This applies to all who seek this type of equipment, from colleges, local authorities, garages to individuals, it’s always best to buy local.

European garage equipment has been around for decades, building a healthy reputation for the quality of their equipment. Yes the equipment here may be a little more expensive than the long distant Chinese equipment, but not so much more that safety and quality are compromised. Buying local, boosts local economy, it’s a win win situation, even if it is hard to see sometimes.

Garage equipment in the UK is a thriving industry with great potential, so next time a UK garage is seeking for the perfect equipment for their garage, look closer to home, you get quality, longer warranty, helps narrow the vast range of equipment out there. All that is left to worry about is the size and colour.

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