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Commercial Garage Equipment Additions


Various new commercial garage equipments have been added to the website including commercial brake testers. We have also added;

Suspension Tester 

The suspension tester provides a good indication of the condition of the shock absorbers and suspension in general. Comes also with built in weighing system.


Side Slip Tester

This is a useful part of a test lane. The sideslip tester provides a quick method to check the dynamic toe of the vehicle and will reveal if alignment of the wheels is needed.


Mobile Car Brake Tester

This is a basic competitive brake tester for light vehicles. It is easy to move as it is light in weight also. The low profile design allows the user to test various vehicle types.


Truck Brake Tester

This is a brake tester for trucks that  is suitable for installation outside. This is good for indicating wheel in/wheel out, scale change, eminent point of locking, wheel lock and measuring ovality.


Portable Brake Tester

This is a portable brake tester ideal for light and heavy vehicles. This equipment can be moved to several locations by truck or trailer and it is easy to install.


Please see the website for further specific details, you can visit the new range of commercial garage equipment at


The brochure have also been added to the brochure page.

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