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All CMT update discs have now been sent in the post, please be sure to read the instructions with your disc. Once you receive your disc firstly you must go the the V-Tech UK website, click on support then click under Opus & Autocom support. Here you will find a link to product activation form. Simply complete this form which registers your unit with V-Tech UK and the link to the CMT update instructions will be revealed.

There is a very important step within these instructions, before actually running the software from the disc you MUST download the patch file from OPUS. The link is available on the instructions and will be available here too. You must run the patch file first before running the CMT update.

If you have any questions or would like some assistance please do not hesitate to call V-Tech UK on 0208 498 1288

Click here to complete the form on V-Tech UK. The instructions are also available below;

  1. Install original disc as normal.

  1. Enter hardware key, serial number & car/truck code.

  1. When installation is complete DO NOT START PROGRAM!

  1. Untick check box that says Run application.


  1. Remove disc.

  1. Please go to the website address below to download the patch file;

  1. Once you have downloaded the patch file to your desktop, double click the file icon to run the file.

  1. Install new software as above.

  1. Perform product activation online. (Please click the link to view the online activation instructions)

  1. You can now start car/truck diagnostic program.

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