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The two post lift has been a vital piece of equipment for mechanic and hobbyists everywhere, enabling to raise cars off the ground so that work can be carried out underneath them. This fantastic advantage means the mechanic can reach any part of the vehicle located on the underbelly easily. You can see these types of vehicle lifts in most garages along with maybe 4 post lifts and smaller types like the scissor lift. The benefits over its cousins, in that in increases space in the workshop and not losing lifting power, and also cheaper.
Like any other garage equipment, there’s a need to shop around and look in the correct places. Don’t waste your time with Chinese equipment that is overly cheap. Stick with European garage equipment. Manufacturers like OMA have a great reputation for strong quality equipment, especially 2 post lifts. Looking in the right places will saving you plenty of time and money and save the embarrassment of a horrible accident using non-reputable equipment.
Garage equipment usually come with installation, it’s worth checking however, it is not possible for one man to put it together, but nevertheless it’s a remarkably easy task to assemble. You can expect to pick up a good quality 2 post lift for just over £2000 plus VAT. Some distributors will do special offers, so a keen eye and patience is needed to find them.
I would suggest a 4 tonne OMA lift. It ‘s Asymmetric electro-hydraulic with base and twin ram. This two poster has electromagnetic unlocking system, fast lifting speed, low noise pollution, automatic locking of the lifting arms to prevent sliding and requires low maintenance. This is a fantastic piece of equipment.
Many questions are often asked when choosing an automotive lift for your garage. First, determine the purpose of the lift is. Is it being used to work on automobiles?, or to store one car over another? once you’ve established the purpose, the rest comes naturally. In general four posts are best for car storage, while two post are preferred for servicing purposes.
The two post lift is probably the most popular choice among professionals, because it allows the user the most access to the car. They are also a very affordable option as discussed. Two post lifts are considered “Frame Engaging Lifts”. This means they hold the car by the frame and the wheels will be hanging freely.
Another decision is to choose between symmetric and asymmetric. Symmetric lifts will keep the car centered on the lift, whereas Asymmetric lifts will keep more of the vehicle behind the posts, enabling the user to open the doors wider after you’ve driven in between the columns. It’s a fantastic feature to have and most technicians do prefer them.
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