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MOT Bays

We supply class 4 and class 7 standard mot bays and Class 4 and class 7 ATL Packages ( Automated Test Lanes) These complete ONE MAN operating packages are designed for VOSA approved MOT Bays. Save TIME & MONEY with MOT BayClass 4 and Class 7 MOT Bays – Features

ATL bay’s consist the following Components all of which are necessary to have a MOT Bay to be up and running from scratch:

V-Tech OMA 4 Post 4T Class 4 ATL Lift – 2 year warranty.

V-Tech OMA Headlamp Aligner
(Laser version upgrade now available…)

Descent control valve
V-Tech OMA Class 4 ATL 2.0T Jacking Beam (Air-operated Jacking Beam)

V-Tech EWJ Class 4 ATL PC Based Brake Tester – 3 year warranty

V-Tech Opus Integrated Combi Gas and Smoke Emissions Analyser – 5 year warranty
Full ATL MOT Bay Ancillary Pack including: Convex Mirrors, Wall Charts, Brake Decelorometer, MOT Tool Board, All Tools, etc..Full delivery, Product Installation and product training there after to leave you confident in using your new equipment.
It really is that Simple!

MOT Bays and ATL Bay Packages- Service & Installation

Workshop designOur continuously growing service and installation network is available nationwide for unbeatable support, service & response.

All our service engineers across the country are UKAS accredited, therefore only work to the highest standards ensuring your equipment is always up and running from the word go!

Our Fully trained engineers use specialist & calibrated instruments to install and calibrate on-site equipment, to ensure that VOSA are fully satisfied with the equipment.

We are proud Partners with

OMA – Italy
EWJ Technik – Denmark
Werther Int – Italy
Opus Produx – Sweden

Please call 0800 195 1245 for the best deals on MOT Bays and ATL Bays available within the UK.

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Order The Best Quality ALT Systems at MOT Bays UK


With a company of our caliber, you just can’t afford to anything less than what we deliver. V-Tech’s MOT Bays UK is renown not only for their exemplary quality Class 4 and 7 standards MOT Bays, but Class 4 and 7 Automated Tests Lanes (ATL) as well. Why then should your VOSA-approved MOT Bays stall when we can deliver the very best packages right at your doorstep.

After many decades in the industry. You have nowhere better to turn than to us in the automotive industry. We know how important it is to stay within budget. With V-Tech, you can be assured of not only making the most out of our MOT Bays Class 4 and 7, but our MOT bays bring cost-effective savings for both your time and money.

Our MOT equipment for sale comes with the under-listed parts – entirely of which are critical for the build up and functioning of the MOT bays right from the beginning.

• V-Tech OMA 4 Post 4T Class 4 ATL Lift (2-year warranty)

• Decent control valve

• V-Tech OMA Headlamp Aligner (Laser model upgrade currently in stock)

• V-Tech EWJ Class 4 ATL PC Based Tester (3-year warranty)

• V-Tech OMA Class 4 ATL 2.0T Jacking Beam – Air-operated Jacking Beam

• Complete ALT MOT Bay Ancillary Package such as Wall charts, Convex Mirrors, MOT Tool Board, Brake Decelorameter to list a few.

• V-Tech Opus Integrated Combi Gas and Smoke Emissions Analyzer – (5-year warranty)

Our services do not end at the counter – we ensure complete delivery, installation as well as offer how-to-use training to enable you to operate easily with our systems. Choose us today and you will never be disappointed.

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