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Hanatech Multiscan/Ultrascan

Q: I have a Hanatech JK100/DCN Scan unit that uses a serial connection, not a USB cable, how do I update it.

A:  JK100 & DCN Scan units require you to use DCN-PRO software version 1.00, to upload a new operating code. Once this is done then you can install the latest version of Host Pro software and update these units using the online software program. You have to use the main data cable which connects to the bottom of the handset; this cable goes into the Update Connector which needs to be connected to a PC’s RS232 serial connector. If your PC does not have a RS232 serial connection you cannot update these old handsets.

Q: I have connected the Ultrascan/Multiscan to the PC with a USB cable but it will not power up?

A: The handset needs 12v to be powered up. A PC USB connection does not supply that much voltage to power the handset up. You need to connect a 12v cigarette/battery connector or a 12v mains adapter. 

Q: I have a Hanatech Ultrascan/Multiscan unit I do not have no power cable or USB cable to update the handset.

A: A 12v cigarette & battery power supplies are provided with the equipment. The mains power adapter is a European two pin plug and is not supplied with the kit, this can be purchased separately. The USB cable needed for updates is Type A to Type B. The Type B end connects into the side of the handset, this is a commonly found cable usually used on printers and other office equipment. This cable is also not provided with the kit, and can be purchased separately. 

Q: When I try to update my Ultrascan/Multiscan using Host Pro software, I get a message saying “Update period expired”

A: This message will only appear if you are not within your update period and you are trying to update your handset. You need to contact V-Tech UK and pay for the Hanatech subscription, or if you have already subscribed then contact V-Tech UK and tell them you are getting this message because this is also used a security measure to ensure the correct user is updating their handset.

Q: Once I have powered up and connected my handset to the PC I get a “Loading Device Driver failed!” message.

A: This is because your handset has not been set into the download software mode, or you have nor physically connected a USB cable to the handset. If these conditions are met and you still get this message, then that means the software drivers have not been installed correctly. In this case, disconnect the handset from the PC, uninstall the Host Pro software and then reinstall it. Once it is reinstalled, connect the handset to the PC. Once you have done this a windows message will appear “Found new hardware” at this stage you need to run through the windows hardware wizard and install the drivers. Once that is done then this message will no longer cause an issue.

Q: In the instruction manual it mentions a 3 Pin Fiat connector, but I do not have one in the kit, where is it?

A: Unfortunately Hanatech, no longer provide the Fiat 3-pin connecting cable for Ultrascan/Multiscan units.

Q: I need to diagnose a vehicle that’s 2005 plate, but the vehicle software only goes up to 2003 for the vehicle I want to diagnose. What shall I do?

A: This means that the software for the 2005 plate vehicle has not yet been written and is under development. As this option is not available you can perform a Generic E-OBD scan to read diagnostic trouble codes.

Q: I am having communication errors when diagnosing some systems on particular vehicles, what shall I do?

A: You should report the problem to V-Tech UK technical support team; they will log the event and take details of what is happening, if there is a solution available the support team can tell you what to do.

Q: I cannot diagnose Chrysler or Volvo vehicles. When I try to access the control units to read the fault codes the Hanatech unit brings up a picture and tells me I need an ‘ultraplexer.’ What does this mean?

A: You must purchase an ultraplexer unit for the Multiscan/Ultrascan unit to communicate with most Chryslers, Jeeps, Volvos and some later Fords. This is basically a can-line module that allows the Hanatech unit to communicate with the vehicle. Without it you will not be able to access the required control unit. Multiscan/Ultrascan P1 handsets do not require this ultraplexer, this can-line is built into these units.

Q: I have updated my handset but I keep on getting errors on systems and functions I could diagnose prior to updating it, what shall I do?

A: After updating the handset you can go into the configuration option and select an option called “save configuration” this will save any recent software changes made to the handset. Although this is not a requirement, sometimes it may need to be manually performed to clear any software errors.

Q: My handset keeps on telling me to update the CAN module, how do I do this?

A: The CAN module can be updated by going into the configuration, then special function, download software, and at the bottom of this screen there is an option for “CAN Module Upgrade” Once you go into this menu the handset will display the current CAN file and an updated CAN file, then you have to press Yes on the keypad so that this can be performed.

Q: I need to code a transponder key using my Hanatech Multiscan/Ultrascan unit. How is this process executed?

A: In the main menu screen, enter the enhanced scan section. Enter required vehicle information. Under the vehicle selection screen, enter the body section. Then, enter the immobiliser path and follow it into remote transponder key and the programming screen. It will then ask for a code to be entered. This code must be obtained from the dealership using the VIN number of the vehicle. V-Tech UK cannot supply you with this code . Enter the code and continue with coding. The key should now be set to the vehicle.

Q: I am having trouble re-setting the service lights on VAG, how do I perform this function?

A: VAG vehicles have several ways to reset the service light depending on what model you are working on. Below is the most commonly used method;

Multiscan & Ultrascan

  • Choose option one from the main menu
  • Then choose European, VW,Audi,Seat,Skoda and now diagnosis systems.
  • Choose Dash Panel Insert [8]
  • Then go into Adaptation [6]
  • Then enter Channel number [2]
  • Read the value which should be 1, enter a new value of 0 which will reset the service light interval