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 ADP 186 (Auto Diagnostic Partner)

ADP186 is the most powerful Multi-brand OBD and parallel diagnostic tools on the market for the independent workshops. The ADP186 is a PC-based diagnostic tool with easy-to-use software. With the OBD you are able to read and erase fault codes, see live data, perform activation and programming. The parallel allows you to check all physical signals in the electronic systems with the built in oscilloscope and multimeter function. As option we could offer you a wireless Bluetooth solution.

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Manufacture specific OBD diagnose
Specific parallel diagnose
EOBD/OBDII – communication

Serial Systems:
Gear-box etc.

Service reset
Comfort system

In serial we do following:
Read and erase fault codes
Read live data
Fully compliant to the EOBD/OBDII standard

Parallel systems
Engine, Ignition, Climate, ABS

In serial we do following:
186 channels for parallel measurement
Ground component test
Step-by-step test
Automatic test
Continuous measurement
Oscilloscope function
Multimeter function
(Voltage, Resistance, Frequency and Time)
Break-out-box function

Basic equipment:
Hardware ADP186
Carrying case
16-pole OBD cable
Adapter OBD cables
Adapters for parallel measuring (1-62 and 63 –124 pole)
Two measure-probes (multimeter / oscilloscope)
USB cable
PC cable (RS232)
Power supply cable

Bluetooth & Cable adapters for full OBD diagnose
(BMW, MB, VAG etc.)

 System requirements PC


- Windows 98SE/ME/2000/NT/(XP1)
- Pentium 300 MHz or similar
- Com-port RS232 or USB or Bluetooth
- CD-ROM drive
- 128 MB internal memory
- 200-350 MB hard disk space (program size)
- Resolution 800x600, 256 colour (Note! Widescreen is not supported)


- Windows 2000/(XP1)
- Pentium 800 MHz, or similar
- USB and Bluetooth
- CD-ROM drive
- Broadband Internet Access
- Printer
- 256 MB internal memory
- 200-350 MB hard disk space (program size)
- Resolution: 1024x768, High Color (16 bits) (Note! Widescreen is not supported)